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ATP Forehand Training

Understanding Leverage In Training

Leverage is always used, in order to accomplish difficult tasks. When it comes to your tennis strokes, it has been definitely overlooked.

In this training video, the leverage from the Serveitup Wand, will quickly develop a natural ATP forehand swing, without any hitches or instructions.

Simply push the Serveitup Wand back (preferably higher) with your non-dominant hand, keeping it on you right side (or left side if you're a lefty). This will automatically load your core.

With your weight transferred to your outside leg, because of the automatic loading of your core, swing the Wand horizontally across and forward through the court, as if you were hitting something forward from you.

Do this swinging horizontally across your body, and keep interchanging it with your racket. This should be done as often as is necessary, until success has been achieved.

Training Video

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